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Ghost e-Book Writer | Brainstorm Topic | Niche Research | Outline Creation
Extensive Research

Web Copy for Start-up Ventures

  • Takali Productions – Video Production Firm (NY)
  • Designit | Do it – Web Design Consultancy (OH)
  • CreativCe – Creative Consulting (CA)
  • Jenty Financial- Financial Consultant (MD)

SEO Writing:

  • Keyword Density Articles

Ghost Web Blog Writer for Personal & Corporate Blogs on the following Topics:

  • Idea Generation & Recipes for Creativity
  • Marketing, Branding & Creative Ideas
  • Inspirational, Motivational and Universal Knowledge
  • OCD, Skin Picking, and Mental Disorders

Sales, Marketing & Technical  Writing

Biographies & Storytelling

  • K Patterson
  • Cecelia Jones
  • Lisa Boe Mason

Ghostwriting for Media & PR

  • Ghostwriter for Auto-responder Series
  • Business Elevator Pitches for Consulting & Entrepreneurial Practices
  • Video Script Writing for Hired Talent, Spokes Person and Infomercials
  • Newsletter, Editorial & Magazine Writing for Advertising Agencies , Publishers & Public Relations Firms